Panic Attack

Panic Attack

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This is a sudden frightening feeling that something really awful is about to happen, with strong physical symptoms although nothing awful happens.

Self help plan can be created by:

  • Recognizing panic attack: Panic attack affects the body, mind and behavior. Some physical symptoms exhibited during panic attack includes heart pounding, heart seeming to stop, chest pains, changes in breathing, pounding in the head, feeling faint, wobbly legs, frightening feelings and thoughts.
  • Understanding panic, its cause and what keeps it going: All panic symptoms are extreme form of fear and it can be caused by stress, health worries, difficult emotions, physical reasons such as pregnancy, menopause, low blood sugar. Physical symptoms, thoughts and behavior keep panic going.
  • Adopting relaxation techniques to reduce physical symptoms: Swimming, reading, walking, deep muscle relaxation, controlled breathing and exercise could be very helpful.
  • Learning to be more mindful and stop focusing on the physical symptoms.
  • Distracting oneself from frightening thoughts, also questioning and testing your frightening thoughts.
  • Carrying out mindful breathing exercise.
  • Distraction is a quick very simple but effective technique to manage panic attack in its early stage.
  • Identifying and challenging your worrying thoughts and come up with more realistic and helpful thoughts.
  • Working out issues bothering you.

It is important to remember that whatever you do or don’t do, the panic attack will stop.