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This is a common mental health problem. In its mildest form depression doesn’t stop us from leading a normal life, but the most severe depression can be extremely distressing, with thoughts of death and suicide. It can be due to life stresses such as bereavement, money or housing problems, difficulty in relationships, work related issues or family issues. For management of depression, the doctor may suggest a talking therapy, antidepressant drugs, self help or a combination of all 3.

Self help plan can be created by:

  • By increasing helpful activities like exercising, joining in activities, doing things you enjoy and value, making a daily plan and mixing with people.
  • Reducing unhelpful activities like staying in bed, binge eating, drinking alcohol, substance abuse, zoning out in front of the TV.
  • Solving difficult problems by using same approach used to successfully solve the same problems way back or by asking a friend what they’ll do in similar situation.

If you feel so depressed that thoughts of harming yourself or taking your own life have been in your mind then visit your doctor as soon as possible and talk about how you are feeling.