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Excessive alcohol intake affects one’s judgement and coordination, it can cause unsteadiness and loss of balance, slurred speech and blurred vision. It can even lead to unconsciousness and death.

Self help plan can be created by:

  • Identifying the reasons why you consume alcohol.
  • Think about what might be good or what you’ll gain from stopping intake of alcohol or cutting down on the amount you do drink.
  • Think about reducing or stopping alcohol intake and what you expect your life to be in 6 months’ time after stopping or reducing its consumption.
  • Come to a clear and honest conclusion about yourself and your drinking and what you want to do about your drinking.
  • Taking control of your drinking by planning when and how much you’ll drink or by reducing time spent drinking alcohol by looking for alternative activities.
  • Avoid visiting locations where you are prone to consuming excess alcohol.

If you believe that you are dependent on alcohol, then it is very important that you see your Doctor to help you stop drinking.